Topic 1: Photosystems – Leaf-Level Research

Theory and measurement techniques of gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence at the leaf level. Topics include drought stress, leaf biochemistry, mesophyll conductance, and water use efficiency, among other topics. Demonstrations of the latest instrumentation, utilizing modern technologies that help to improve experiment efficiency, and conduct research in new ways.

Topic 2: Ecosystems –Tower-to-Satellite Research

Greenhouse gas fluxes and evapotranspiration using tower and remote sensing techniques. Topics include photosynthesis and GPP modelling, eddy covariance measurements, evapotranspiration, surface renewal techniques, etc. Demonstrations of new technological advances in instrumentation for eddy covariance and other research techniques will also be available.

Topic 3: Bridging the Systems – Leaf-to-Ecosystem Research

In situ measurements of GHG fluxes at leaf and ecosystem scales. Topics include Solar Induced Fluorescence (SIF), measurements by drones (UAV), tower-based remote sensing, multi-spectral measurements, and discussions of the latest instrumentation and methodologies.